Tuesday 31 January 2012

London's Road to Gin Lane

William Hogarth lived and worked as an engraver & painter in 18th century  London and cast a critical, satirical eye on London society as he observed it.

William Hogarth once said:
"I have generally found that persons who had studied painting least were the best judges of it."

Apply Hogarth's astute observation to UKIP's London Assembly team who are not professional politicians and you will find a team of talented Londoners who will actively support London businesses and who understand the  concerns of Londoners in relation to jobs, education, housing, NHS, taxation and the folly of local government waste which blights our lives. 

The road to ruin most aptly portrayed in Hogarth's engraving entitled "Gin Lane" (shown underneath) is being played out in parallel in today's capital city and can be amply illustrated by  increasing unemployment and social disorder as witnessed in last years London riots, lack of a meritocratic education system, housing crisis, NHS shortages and closure of hospital wings, incessant demands on Londoners by way of stealth taxes and London mayoral vanity projects such as Boris bicycles and imposition of the London emissions zone which will consign many small business people to an uncertain future.

  • UKIP London Assembly candidates, if elected, will speak up for Londoners and make sure that their voice is heard.
  • Ensure that appropriate training will be given to Londoners who are actively seeking employment.
  • Re-introduce Grammar schools to ensure a meritocratic educational system no matter what your background or circumstances.
  • Re-introduce matrons in hospital wards to ensure standards of cleanliness and respect for patients are assured.
  • Stop the London emission Zone in its tracks to ensure that Londoners with vans and small businesses are not driven off the roads.
  • Stand up for the people who work in the City. Not just the bankers but the cleaners, drivers, bar and restaurant staff along with the taxi drivers whose livelihood depends on a well regulated and functioning City.
  • Build more affordable housing through public and private partnership for working people and key workers such as policemen, firemen, nurses and teachers who cannot otherwise get on the housing ladder.

UKIP will not let you down.  Vote UKIP at the London Assembly Elections on 3rd May 2012.

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William Hogarth's engraving "Gin Lane" was published in London , 1751